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The following frequently asked questions are taken directly from the official Islanded documentation.

Will Islanded contains zombies, mythical creatures or any other kind of monster?[edit | edit source]

No. This is one of the game features. The game is based in reality for this reason, to avoid the massive influx of zombie/monsters games.

Which are the system requirements for Islanded?[edit | edit source]

For now, requirements are just speculated. This can change, and is probably that the final requirements become lower.

Minimum: CPU: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU 3.06GHz RAM: 2GB (32bits) 4GB (64bits) OS: Windows XP (x32) / Linux (x32) GPU: Nvidia GT200 series DirectX: 9.0 Disk Space: 300MB

Recommended: CPU: i7 3770 3.5 Ghz or higher. RAM: 8GB or higher. OS: Windows 8 (x64) / Windows 8.1 (x64) / Linux (x64) GPU: Nvidia GT600 series or higher. DirectX: 11.0 Disk Space: 1GB

How many features are already in the game?[edit | edit source]

Islanded is in "Early Access". This means that a lot of features are not in the game. You can follow the actual development and new features in Desura or IndideDB. Direct links in the footer.

How big is the world and how you can interact with it?[edit | edit source]

The world has 225km² distributed in 3 islands. You can travel between them by sea, and your spawn will be randomized between the 3 islands. All the resources are limited, and get them impact permanently the terrain.

How much Islanded will cost? When will be full released?[edit | edit source]

The game is right now available worldwide on Desura page. Islanded will be FREE during Alpha, Beta and posterior development versions. A full release (and updates) of Islanded can be pre-ordered in the main page with discount of full price. There you can see all the advantages against the normal release.

How I can change the default controls?[edit | edit source]

Right now, you can't. Here you have all the default controls:

Move: W,A,S,D Look around: Mouse Attack: Left Mouse Button Zoom view: Right Mouse Button Jump: Space Crouch: Ctrl Left Interact: E Toggle Inventory: I Pause menu: Escape

Is Islanded a F2P game or have micro-transactions?[edit | edit source]

As said before, Islanded will be a low price game, and will never contain micro-transactions. During Alpha and Beta states, the game is totally free (not be confused with F2P).

How death and respawn work? I lose all my work if I die?[edit | edit source]

Ideally, the realistic way is that you lose all your work when dying, but the game is not that bastard. Islanded doesn't have auto-saving, so the game can only be saved in safe places as your base. if you die, your progress will be lost until the las time you saved. It won't work the same in cooperative and multiplayer.

How big is the Create system?[edit | edit source]

Right now the create system is small and contains few objects. Besides that, the code behind the whole system makes possible infinite items and recipes to create. Add new items is easy and fast.

How the health, temperature, and other factors affects to the player?[edit | edit source]

Any change in the weather affects your health and capabilities. This means that high temperatures will increase dehydration, stay wet will increase the changes to get sick an lose health and stamina, etc. Any weather change affects the player by the same proportion.

How Multiplayer, Coop and servers will work?[edit | edit source]

It's confirmed that Islanded will have Multiplayer and cooperative, but there isn't more information about this subject for now.

Is Islanded a sequel of Stranded (Unreal Software)?[edit | edit source]

No. Personally, I don't even know that a game called stranded with the same "style" and "name end" existed. Some people ask about it.

Will Islanded come to Steam / Other stores?[edit | edit source]

Yes, but not now. The game can only ent==er by Greenlight, and the actual status of the game is not the appropriate for Steam. Is definitely a 100% option to consider, but not during Alpha. ==Islanded will support Mods / Addons?

The game is made with Unity, and is not a very friendly-mod supporter. To enable mod compatibility is necessary a "build from 0" API, actually is not even in the list of things to do.

What do you mean by "Animal Interact"?[edit | edit source]

You ask to many questions. There's nothing to say about this for now. That's it.