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The following features are taken directly from the official Islanded documentation.

Features[edit | edit source]

Huge Persistent World: Explore and modify permanently a massive world including 3 unique Islands in a playable space of 225km².

Full Real Time Experience: With full 30 minutes real time day/night cycle, date system and moon phase, every new day the sun slightly modifies his position and the moonlight increase and decrease depending the actual moon phase.

Permanent Interact: Any tree or resource is not infinite. Modify permanently the world to obtain valuable resources, that at the same time shortens your survival.

Innovative Survival: Stay in the real world. Learn to interact with your surroundings and adapt your life style to real hazards.

Dynamic Weather System: Fight against random storms or cold nights. Weather and temperature vary and affect your health and capabilities.

Never Seen Animal Interact: To survive you need to eat. It's impossible to approach a wild animal without getting killed. Use other animals to explore the islands fast and get food without even moving. More info about this feature in the future.

Realistic Inventory: Store some items in your backpack. Every item has weight and reduce your speed and abilities.

Hungry and Thirsty States: Feel dehydration and hunger slow you down.

In Depth Create and Build System: Create resources, tools and blueprints to build small shelters or big buildings. More about this feature in the future.

Single Player, Coop and Multiplayer: Survive alone, with friends or end in a fight for the island with other players.